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Huayilong Electric continues to grow and develop in the fierce market competition of welding and cutting equipment industry, because the company constantly makes innovation in equipment, technology, management and other aspects, as well as actively absorb expert talents to helps us always keep the leading level in this field. Guarantee of quality mainly reflects from the following aspects.

Sophisticated production equipment
The company now has a number of advanced production equipment, to ensure overall improvement in product quantity and quality.

Advanced testing equipment
In order to ensure product quality, the company is equipped with a full set of advanced testing equipment.

Leading technology level
The key performance indicators of our leading products are accordant with the international advanced standard. Corporate standards are also strictly developed based on market demand. Our products are identified by relevant state agencies, and some of them enjoy national or provincial honor.

Strict quality management
The company is certified by ISO9001: 2008 quality management system. To make the quality of our products meet or exceed customer requirements, all the internal activities related are conducted in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard and the company's quality system documents. As a result, the product quality has been steadily improving and praised by users.

Efficient quality assurance system
1. Strict control of raw materials quality
The company will carry out dynamic management and annual comprehensive assessment for different raw material suppliers. Our purchasing staffs shall only procure raw materials from the qualified subcontractors, and then the quality inspectors will conduct a routine inspection to ensure that only qualified materials are approved for storage and applied in production.
2. Flow control in production
First, we prepare detailed technical regulations for different processes and appoint specific staff to track and inspect each process, so as to identify and solve problems in time. We have a full set of quality records required in the production process. This helps to control and track the whole production process, and also facilitates inspection and assessment for our full-time control specialist.
3. Failure control and implementation of corrective measures
For the unqualified products, we will identify the reasons for each issue, clearly define the responsibilities and take appropriate corrective measures by the quality control department, so as to eliminate duplication of similar problems.
4. Final test of finished product
100% inspection will be conducted on each set of machine. If found unqualified, it will not be approved for storage or delivery. Make sure that the product has a long service life and can meet user's requirements.
5. Troubleshooting and service
The company has set up a dedicated customer service team to provide users with pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service. For customer complaints, we will solve the general quality issues within two days and important issues within 1-2 days. Our specific personnel will arrive at the scene to investigate and handle the problems, on the basis of customer satisfaction.
6. Improvement of working proficiency and assessment activities
The internal quality audit is an important means to check the compliance and effectiveness of quality system. We plan to carry out the audit once every four months. Our internal auditors will also be assessed every year, thus ensuring continuous and effective operation of the quality system.

Technical assurance measures
1. The quality project team is responsible for the control of project design, raw materials, production process, factory inspection, and the preparation of the technical implementation information. In addition, they also specify clear division of labor in all departments, and determine the person in charge for the incident.
2. All the staffs will strictly implement the technical requirements. The raw material does not meet the requirements shall be immediately returned and replaced, and the problems found in the production process will be discussed and resolved in group and also recorded.
3. The products will be manufactured strictly conforming to the relevant product standards and requirements stipulated in the contract.