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  • NBC-250Y MIG WelderWith waveform control technology, it is energy saving, efficient and portable. Moreover, this product offers automatic adjustment on arc.
    Our product is designed with deep weld pool that is capable for resisting thermal cracking and thermal deforming effectively.
  • NBC-150/180 MIG WelderIt gets the wire fed at low speed to protect the circuit from overcurrent and overheat automatically.
    Separated adjustment on current and voltage makes the machine easy for operation. The welding current can be minimized to 40A.
  • MIG-160Y/180Y MIG WelderThe welding wire is fed at low speed, protecting the machine against overcurrent and overheating situations automatically.
    Our product supports the exchange of the flux-cored wire and solid wire. The work piece is welded stably with beautiful seam at low current ranging from 25A to 30A, especially for thin plates.