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  • TIG/WS-200S/250 TIG WelderAside from originally imported power devices and MOSFET, this product also uses optimal inverter based on MOSFET to control the welding current at constant state with slight loss.
  • TIG/WS-200/300 TIG WelderIt adopts optimal circuit for initiating HF voltage boosting arc with automatic protection against over current and overheating situations.
    As the time of post-flow is 2s, this product reduces the consumption of gas and energy. Moreover, it is efficient and easy for moving.
  • TIG-180P/200P/TIG-400 TIG WelderThis TIG welder works with different manners, such as TIG, ARC welding, etc. Its panel and housing can be designed in different colors as required. The product is available in bulk order.
  • TIG-200/250/315 AC DC TIG WelderWelding manner: TIG
    Optional item: The panel and the housing can be changed in color.
    Special service: Orders in bulk are available.
  • TIG-200/250/315P AC DC TIG WelderThis TIG welder varies in welding manners, such as TIG, ARC, DC pulse TIG, AC TIG, AC pulse TIG, etc. Its panel and housing can be designed in optional colors as required. Orders in bulk are warmly welcomed.