MIG-160Y/180Y MIG Welder

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MIG-160Y/180Y MIG Welder

Technical Characteristics
1.Configured with IGBT soft switching inverter, this MIG welder works with constant welding current and little loss.
2. With waveform controller and inductance regulator, it features outstanding energy conservation, high efficiency and easy movement.
3. The welding wire is fed at low speed, protecting the machine against overcurrent and overheating situations automatically.
4. Our product supports the exchange of the flux-cored wire and solid wire. The work piece is welded stably with beautiful seam at low current ranging from 25A to 30A, especially for thin plates.
5. This MIG welder adopts originally imported power components and IGBT.
6. It works with a range of manners, such as MIG, ARC, flux-cored wire welding, etc.

Application Fields
This product is mainly for household or civil use. It is commonly applied in maintenance of automobile and agricultural machinery, home decoration, civil installation, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model MIG-160y MIG-180y
Code L032 L033
Input voltage V, Hz 220, 50/60 220, 50/60
Capacity P, KVA 7.9 7.7
Open circuit voltage V 50 50
Current range A Mig:40-160
Rated output voltage V Mma:20.4-26.4
Duty cycle (40℃) % 40 40
of coil
A 200 200
Thickness mm 0.6/0.8 0.6/0.8
Power factor Φ COSφ 0.9 0.9
Ingress protection IP IP21s IP21s
Insulation class H F F
Weight kg 18 19
Size mm 480×240×360 480×197×466
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