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  • ARC/ZX7-200 MINI/315 MINI Arc WelderAutomatic locking and non-automatic locking performance promotes the automatic protection of circuit against overcurrent and overheating situations.
    The IGBT and power devices are originally imported parts.
  • ARC/ZX7- 200T/200/250 Arc WelderOur product is composed of originally imported power components and MOSFET. The advanced inverter control technology based on MOSFET enables it to work with constant current and low consumption.
  • ARC/ZX7-250S/315S Arc Welder (220V/380V)It incorporates such features as energy conservation, high efficiency, easy movement, automatic compensation for grid voltage, etc.
    Under the situations of overcurrent and overheating, this product supplies automatic protection to make sure the safety of operation.
  • ARC/ZX7- 300/400 Arc WelderThe safety of operation is maximized because of automatic protection against overcurrent and overheating situations.
    Our machine is highly configured with imported power devices and MOSFET.
  • ZX7-210 Arc WelderThe energy saving product is easy for moving and efficient. It offers excellent automatic compensation for the grid voltage.
    Due to the automatic locking and non-auto locking function, this machine will protect itself automatically in the situations of overcurrent and overheating.
  • ZX7-225/250/315 Arc WelderDesigned in small volume, this product is easy for movement. Moreover, it features energy conservation and high welding efficiency.
    Single board circuit offers automatic protection against the situations of overcurrent and overheating.
  • DZH-630 Arc WelderIt features stable welding process, excellently formed weld, little spatter, slight deformation of work piece and other merits.
    Our machine is suitable for welding the steel frame made of Grade I and II steel materials with the diameter ranging from 12mm to 25mm.
  • ARC-200A/200B Arc WelderWelding manner: ARC
    Optional item: The color of the panel and housing can be changed as required.
    Special service: Order of this arc welder in bulk is available.