• MIG-250K/350K MIG WelderThe MIG-250K/350K MIG welder is a piece of welding equipment designed for civil and industrial uses. Featuring a great protection system, the machine can operate safely, reliably and has a long service life. It has automatic undervoltage, overcurrent, overheat and phase lack protection functions. Under protected conditions, the machine will automatically stop wire and gas feeding. In addition, the anti short circuit design of the control wire effectively prevents ...
  • MIG/MMA-250Y MIG WelderIn addition, the use of PWM controller and closed loop control system contributes to the working stability of the machine. The welding performance of our welding equipment is guaranteed. With strong arc self adjustment ability, the machine welds materials stably with small spatter. The stable wire feeding power supply ensures stable wire feeding. Moreover, the deep welding pool with good heat and crack resistance results in little heat distortion.
  • MIG-315K/500K MIG/MMA WelderHigh duty cycle ensures excellent continuous welding.
    The product is preset with digital tube for intuitive display of datum and operation state.
    4T design makes the product convenient for long-seam welding, lessening labor intensity of welding workers.

With a strong anti interference ability, our MIG welder can be used in complex environments. With a reasonable design, the machine is small, lightweight, reliable and safe to use. Typically, it is suitable for welding low carbon steel, high strength steel and ordinary steel. The arc welding equipment is widely used in the automobile, motorcycle parts, furniture, light steel structure and other industries where sheet metal welding is required.

Huayilong Electric is a professional MIG welder manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including MIG/MMA-250Y MIG welder, IGBT inverter plasma cutter, ARC-400S/500SK arc welder, and more.

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