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  • CUT-40/60 Plasma CutterThe CUT-40/60 plasma cutter is mainly intended to precisely cut metal plates like aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Due to the stable output, the machine ensures small cutting tension and deformation. The cutting edge is smooth.
    The plasma cutting machine adopts advanced inverter technology. Hence, it provides high inverter frequency and conversion efficiency, which are respectively 100 kHz and 85 %.
  • CUT-70/100 Plasma CutterThe CUT-70/100 plasma cutter is compact, light and portable. Compared with flame cutting machine, it is more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. Good dust resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance of the internal structure makes the machine works more reliably under harsh environments.
  • CUT-100K Plasma CutterThe CUT-100K plasma cutter adopts advanced inverter technology. With voltage compensation function, it can withstand strong grid voltage fluctuations. In addition, the high duty cycle makes continuous cutting operation possible. Known for great cutting performance and precision, our machine ensures small cutting tension, deformation and smooth cutting edge.
  • CUT-120/160 Plasma CutterThe machine offers many advantages, like small size, light weight, easy removal, smooth cutting edge, high cutting precision, high efficiency and no environmental pollution. Thanks to the dust proof, moisture proof and corrosion resistant internal structure, the cutter can work reliably under harsh environments. In addition, the automatic undervoltage, overcurrent, overheat, overload, phase lack and gas lack ...

Our KIND plasma cutters come in many types, like CUT-40, 60, CUT70, 100, CUT100K and CUT120, 160. Available in a wide range of specifications, our products can suit customers' different requirements.

Our KIND plasma cutter provides good cutting performance. Compared with flame cutting machine, it is more economical, offers higher efficiency and causes no environmental pollution. In addition, our machine is easy to remove and transport as a result of its small size and light weight.

Our machine can cut a wide variety of materials, like carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, and more. Currently, our metal plasma cutting machine is extensively used in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, boilers, pressure vessels, pipes, vehicles and aerospace, and many other industries.

As an experienced KIND plasma cutter manufacturer based in China, Huayilong Electric offers a comprehensive range of products that includes MOSFET inverter plasma cutter, MIG-250K/350K MIG welder, inverter DC MMA welding machine, and more.

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