• TIG-200K/400K TIG WelderOur TIG-200K/400K TIG welder integrates tungsten inert gas welding and manual metal arc welding functions. This enables customers to reduce equipment investment cost. The machine are designed to weld materials like stainless steel, low carbon steel, high strength steel, Cr-Mo steel, copper and titanium alloy.
  • TIG-250 TIG WelderThe TIG-250 TIG welder utilizes dual inverter technology, which realizes high conversion efficiency of 85 % and low no load consumption. The use of PWM controller and closed loop control system ensures the machine works stably.
  • TIG-200P/250P/315P AC/DC TIG/MMA WelderThrough versatile AC and pulse TIG, it realizes excellent weld forming.
    Our product is outfitted with single knob, digital tube, touch control panel, simple and intuitive interface and optional remote controller for ease of operation.

Our KIND TIG welder contains two types of metal welding equipment, including IGBT inverter DC TIG, MMA type and MOSFET inverter DC TIG, MMA type. Integrating tungsten inert gas welding and manual metal arc welding functions, our machine is versatile and can suit your different requirements.

With reliable quality and performance, our products are widely used in many fields. For instance, our IGBT inverter DC TIG, MMA welding machine is mainly used in the fields of petroleum, chemical, pressure vessels, power construction and stainless steel products. Our MOSFET inverter DC TIG, MMA welding equipment is extensively used in welding aluminum, aluminum magnesium alloy, carbon steel, copper, titanium and other materials for the furniture, bicycles, motorcycles and auto parts manufacturing industries.

Huayilong Electric is a professional KIND TIG welder manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including MMA welding machine, digital welder, MOSFET inverter plasma cutter, and more.

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