KIND Arc Welder

  • ARC-200T/250/300 Arc WelderMade using advanced inverter technology, the ARC-200T/250/300 arc welder achieves high inverter frequency of up to 100 kHz, conversion efficiency of up to 85 % and low no load consumption. Due to its light weight and stepless speed regulation, the welder is portable, reliable and easy to use. In addition, the PWM controller and closed loop control system enable the machine to work stably.
  • ARC-250K/400K Arc WelderThe arc welder has voltage compensation function and can withstand strong grid voltage fluctuations.
    With high duty cycle, the machine can perform continuous welding operation.
    Great Welding Performance
    The self adaptability to thermal arc starting results in improved success rate of arc starting.
  • ARC-400 MMA Arc WelderThe ARC-400 MMA arc welder is compact and small in size, which only weighs 13 kg. Hence, it is portable and greatly facilitates the transportation. It is now widely used in the fields of shipyard, electrical power construction, steel structure assembly, industrial production, maintenance, etc.
  • φ3.2/4.0 MMA Arc WelderThe φ3.2/4.0 MMA arc welder is small in size and lightweight, which can be used in confined space. The new plastic panel design makes the welder more elegant and durable. In addition, the digital display shows the parameters clearly and contributes to high precision adjustment. Moreover, the machine is protected against overcurrent, overheat and undervoltage.
  • ARC-400S/500SK Arc WelderThe ARC-400S/500SK arc welder is compact, lightweight and portable. Designed with reliability, stability and safety in mind, it provides many protection functions. For instance, it has automatic undervoltage, overcurrent, overheat, overload and phase lack protection functions. The VRD function also helps ensure operator safety. In addition, the welder has good anti interference ability, which effectively protects the internal circuit and components, resulting in better stability.
  • ARC-400SK/500SK/630SK MMA WelderIt works with great resistance to grid voltage fluctuation through compensating the voltage against fluctuation.
    Our product is small, light and portable.
    Proper adjustment on arc striking current makes increase of success rate of arc initiating.

Our KIND arc welder is a mature electric welding machine which can be used for a variety of welding rods, like acid welding rod, alkaline welding rod, stainless steel welding rod, cast iron welding rod, heat resistant steel welding rod, and more. The machine is especially suitable for welding low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and alloy steel. With high success rate of arc starting and small spatter, our welder provides high welding performance and ensures good welding result.

As a specialized kind arc welder manufacturer and supplier in China, Huayilong Electric also provides KIND TIG welder, inverter DC TIG/MMA/CUT welding machine, and CUT50C/70C/100C plasma cutter, among others.

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