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  • MIG-315C/500C MIG WelderThe IGBT MIG/MMA welder is applicable to flux-cored wire welding, and materials like low carbon steel, high-strength steel, etc. Available with the MMA function that has excellent constant current characteristic, the machine is convenient to use. The wire feeder is designed with split structure and the wire feeding parameter is adjustable. It also uses the 20 KHz HF full-bridge inverter technology, providing electric energy for the arc welding process.
  • MIG/MMA 180Y MIG WelderThe MIG/MMA 180Y MIG welder is suitable for gas shielded arc welding, flux-cored wire welding, as well as low carbon steel, high tensile steel, ordinary steel welding. Due to the user friendly digital display, the relative information of welding data can be clearly shown for accurate adjustment. It can also be provided with optional features. For example, 4T control function and design for long weld seam operation effectively reduce labor intensity of the user.
  • MIG200Y/250Y/315Y MIG WelderOur MIG200Y/250Y/315Y MIG welder coming in the manner of gas shielded arc welding and flux cored wire welding can be used to weld low carbon steel, high strength steel, ordinary steel and other metal materials. It adopts the advanced 20 KHz full-bridge inverter power conversion technology, which greatly reduces the welder size and weight. Additionally, this welder also utilizes PWM and closed loop control system, which helps to improve the working stability.
  • MIG/MMA-200Y/250Y/315Y MIG WelderOur IGBT MIG/MMA welder is applicable to solid and flux-cored wire, low carbon steel, high tensile steel, and ordinary steel. This welder enjoys outstanding reliability. For example, the anti-dust, anti-moisture and anti-corrosion protection increases the working reliability. In addition, the split-type wire feeder provides low breakdown rate. What's more, the anti-short circuit function of control cable ensures normal welding all the time.
  • MIG/MMA-160/200/250 MIG WelderOur IGBT MIG/MMA welder can be used in low carbon steel, high-strength steel and other materials welding. When under-voltage and over-current occur, the machine will not be damaged because of the built-in protection devices. Also, the internal circuit and components are well protected due to the EMC, electric network filtering, and other functions. Hence, the machine enjoys the advantage of safety and durability.

Our portable MIG welder can realize metal inert gas welding, which is referred to as MIG welding. The machine can be widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts, steel and wood furniture, light steel and other sheet metal welding field. Also, it can Widely applied in petroleum industry, chemical industry, power supply, metallurgy, shipbuilding, boilers, pressured vessels, pipes, vehicles, aerospace manufacturing, etc. It is applicable to almost all the metals, with little oxidation burning and small evaporation loss during the welding process. As it doesn't use tungsten, the cost is lower than TIG welding machine.

Our portable MIG welder takes advantage of the current-mode PWM controller with good transient response. It also uses wave form control technology with adjustable inductor, so that the inductance can be adjusted according to different welding requirements. This helps to ensure soft electric arc, increased fusion depth, reduced spatter, as well as good welding performance. In addition, the automatic wire feeding speed reduction at arc striking, combined with the ball peeling function at arc ending provides improved success rate for next arc striking.

As a specialized portable MIG welder manufacturer and supplier in China, Huayilong Electric also provides MMA/TIG/pulse TIG/MIG/pulse MIG/double pulse MIG welding machine, air plasma cutter welding machine, and TIG160/200/250/300 TIG welder, among others.

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