MIG/MMA 180Y MIG Welder

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MIG/MMA 180Y MIG Welder

The MIG/MMA 180Y MIG welder is suitable for gas shielded arc welding, flux-cored wire welding, as well as low carbon steel, high tensile steel, ordinary steel welding. Due to the user friendly digital display, the relative information of welding data can be clearly shown for accurate adjustment. It can also be provided with optional features. For example, 4T control function and design for long weld seam operation effectively reduce labor intensity of the user. In addition, 220V or 380V power supply is both available. Beside, rear rack design for gas bottle installation, provides high welding mobility.

As an experienced MIG/MMA 180Y MIG welder manufacturer based in China, Huayilong Electric offers a comprehensive range of products that includes IGBT MIG/MMA welder, ARC-400S/500SK arc welder, digital inverter MIG/pulse MIG welding machine, and more.

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