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  • ARC-250A/400A MMA WelderOur ARC-250A/400A MMA welder makes use of advanced single-tube IGBT half-bridge inverter technology. In addition, the control circuit uses pulse width modulator (PWM) controller, which ensures invariable and stable current for welding with precise control and high performance.
  • ARC-250C/300C/315C/400C MMA WelderOur ARC-250C/300C/315C/400C MMA welder is designed with small size, light weight, portable use, as well as comes with high cost-effective performance and high duty cycle rate. It takes advantage of sophisticated IGBT inverter technology, with the inverting frequency of 20 KHz. It also utilizes stable PWM technique for the control circuit, allowing for precise control for the current.
  • ARC400S MMA WelderOur ARC400S MMA welder comes with 100% duty cycle rate, providing continuous working for a long time. Designed with small and light structure, it is easy to carry. This high quality and economically priced product can adapt to grid voltage fluctuation within a certain range.
    The welder enjoys improved success rate of arc striking because ...
  • ARC-200T/400 MMA WelderThe ARC-200T MMA welder is suitable for electrode welding. It has various optional features. For example, it can realize high-precision setting of the welding parameters through the digital display. The VRD anti-shock design allows for9-24V no-load voltage, so as to provide safely against electric shock. The anti-sticking design effectively prevents the electrode sticking to the work piece. What's more, it is applicable to the power supply of 220V or 380V.
  • ARC-250/300 MMA WelderOur ARC-250/300 MMA welder comes with a precise control system, using the PWM controller to ensure high working stability. With 100 kHz inverter frequency and 85%conversion efficiency, it also achieves low consumption in no-load state. The welder adopting infinitely variable control is portable, durable, economical and reliable during operation. It can work stably under the voltage of 220V±15 50/60Hz ...
  • ARC-350AH MMA WelderOur ARC-400S/500SK arc welder is elegantly designed with a plastic panel, which is designed with improved protection class. The digital display is able to clearly show the data, which can be adjusted with high precision. In addition, this cost-effective machine also comes with deep weld fusion, nice weld shape and high quality welding seam. Hence, it is popular among customers.

Our portable MMA welder has ARC250A/400A, ARC250C/300C/315C/400C, ARC-400S, ARC-200T/400, ARC-250/300 and ARC-350AH six kinds of products. These products all have precise control system, advanced inverter technology, considerate protection system, as well as excellent welding performance, ensuring normal and safe use of our equipment and high welding quality. Using the manual metal arc (MMA) welding, the machine can be used in the shipyard, power plant and other places for large and small steel structure installation, industrial production, maintenance, and so on.

The portable MMA welder is applicable to various materials, such as acid/alkalescency electrode, stainless steel electrode, cast iron electrode, cellulose covered electrode, heat-resistant steel electrode, etc. It is also suitable for welding low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy steel. Equipped with perfect protection system, it offers automatic protection for over-current, over-heat and under-voltage so as to ensure safety, durability and reliability of the machine.

We are a professional portable MMA welder manufacturer in China. We also provide digital welder, MMA/TIG/pulse TIG/MIG/pulse MIG/double pulse MIG welding machine, and much more.

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