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  • TIG180PH TIG WelderOur TIG180PH TIG welder takes advantage of advanced inverter technology, coming with the inverting frequency of 100KHZ, inverting efficiency of 85%, small no-load consumption, stepless speed regulation, durable use and easy portability. Adopting the current-mode pulse width modulator and precise closed-loop control system, the machine enjoys high stability during working.
  • TIG160/200/250/300 TIG WelderOur TIG160/200/250/300 TIG welder is mainly used in the welding of many commonly used materials, such as stainless steel, low carbon steel, copper, titanium, etc. The precise closed-loop control system, together with the advanced MOS inverter technology contributes to high stability and efficiency of the machine. It can work stably under the voltage of 220V or 380V.
  • TIG400/400P TIG WelderOur TIG400/400P TIG welder can be applied to weld metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, low carbon steel, copper, etc. The PWM controller and precise control system provides invariable and stable current for the machine. With double inverter control, it can achieve a high efficiency of up to 85% and a small no-load loss.

The portable TIG welder comes with the function of tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, which is an arc welding process that uses the nonconsumable tungsten electrode and the argon shielding gas to produce the weld. It includes MOSFET Pulse TIG / MMA, MOSFET DC TIG / MMA, as well as the IGBT DC TIG / MMA welding machines. For the second type, it features up to 100 KHz inverter frequency 85% efficiency, small no-load loss, stepless speed regulation, simple and portable design, as well as economic and stable operation. In general, with beautiful appearance and good usability, the machine is preferred by users.

Our portable TIG welder is well protected from over-current, over-heat and over-current, so that the machine is safe and durable to use. Currently, it can be commonly found in petroleum industry, chemical industry, power construction, as well as manufacturing of pressured vessels, stainless steel products, bicycles, furniture, motors, etc.

As a China-based portable TIG welder manufacturer and supplier, Huayilong Electric offers a broad range of products that includes digital welding machine, MMA welding machine, MIG welding machine, and more.

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