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  • TIG-400/500P MMA/TIG Inverter WelderThe TIG-400/500P MMA/TIG inverter welder has small size, light weight and low energy consumption because of the utilized IGBT inverter technology.
    Due to the technique of power factor alignment, it enjoys high power factor.
  • WSME-315/400/500/630 MMA/TIG Inverter WelderThe WSME-315/400/500/630 MMA/TIG inverter welder can be applied in the welding of aluminum alloy sheet plate with the thickness over 0.5mm and the welding current as small as 5A. It adopts IGBT soft switch technology and power factor alignment technique, ensuring high energy saving ...
  • ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE MMA/Arc Inverter WelderThe ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE MMA/Arc inverter welder with MMA, Cellulose Electrode and Air Carbon Arc Gouging functions is suitable for acid or alkalescency electrodes, stainless steel electrodes, cast iron electrodes, cellulose coated electrodes, heat resistant steel electrodes, and so on. With a high duty cycle rate of 60%, it is also applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloy, cast iron, copper, and alloy, and many other materials.
  • ARC-400S/500S MMA Inverter WelderThe ARC-400S/500S MMA inverter welder is especially used for generator. It enjoys 60% duty cycle rate and 100m welding cable extension, and is suitable for acid or alkalescency electrodes welding. It also makes use of advanced inverter technology, providing the function of voltage compensation and capacity of anti-power fluctuation. With the advantages of easy portability, reliable and stable operation, and high cost performance ...
  • MIG-350H/500H MMA/MIG Inverter WelderThe MIG-350H/500H MMA/MIG inverter welder is applicable to the materials of low carbon steel, high strength steel, steel. Based on the IGBT soft switch inverter technology, it can still achieve normal welding under voltage fluctuation and length changing of welding wire. It also adopts pulse width modulator and closed-loop control system, which can realize precise control and stable operation.
  • MIG-350/500/630 SAW/MMA Inverter WelderThe MMA/MIG welding machine adopts advanced IGBT soft switch inverter technology, allowing it to work under low temperature with high efficiency, good stability and less electro-magnetic interference.
    It is equipped with the PWM and closed-loop control system, making easy regulation possible.
    It uses waveform control and inductance regulation, ensuring good welding results.
  • MZ-1000/1250 SAW/MMA Inverter WelderThe MZ-1000/1250 SAW/MMA inverter welder has the superior control function of arc starting current, so that it can automatically control the output current during arcing. In addition, the arc starting of submerged arc welding (SAW) combine both scratch mode and pullback mode, ensuring high successful rate of arcing. With the excellent control for arc forcing current, it can also automatically control the output current when ...
  • MIG-500T MIG WelderDigital display makes it easy to be controlled and adjusted.
    In the arc extinguishing process, the small globular droplet will be cut so as to improve the successful rate of striking another arc.
    It forms smooth and nice welding seam.

As a professional industrial digital welding machine manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of products, including TIG-400P/500P (IGBT), TIG-315P/400P/500P/630P AC/DC (IGBT), CUT-70/100/120/160 (IGBT), ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE (IGBT), and so on. These products available with the LED screen display can be used in chemical, metal processing, machinery, pressure vessels, bicycle industries, etc. With the characteristics of rich functions, high reliability and high control accuracy, our welder is the ideal metal welding equipment for welding low alloy steel, high alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and other metals.

As a China-based industrial inverter welder manufacturer and supplier, Huayilong Electric offers a broad range of products that includes portable welder and cutter, inverter DC TIG/MMA/CUT welding machine, MIG-250K/350K MIG welder, and more.

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