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  • HYL-Master-PT MMA/MIG Inverter WelderThe digital inverter welder enjoys improved dynamic behavior and welding performance by using high frequency soft switching and adaptive system.
    Due to the optimized preset welding task and synergic adjustment, the machine can be operated with ease.
  • HYL-Master-DP MMA/MIG WelderOur HYL-Master-DP MMA/MIG welder is suited for welding thin aluminum plate with the thickness of over 1.2mm. It is available with the dot matrix display for showing various welding parameters.
  • HYL-Master-DPP MMA/TIG/MIG Inverter WelderOur HYL-Master-DPP MMA/TIG/MIG inverter welder is perfect for over 1.2mm sheet plate welding. It has easy access to connection with robot and net work control. In addition, it is provided with the LED screen display for easy reading of the parameters.

The 750 series inverter welder consists of HYL-Master-PT (IGBT), HYL-Master-DP (IGBT) and HYL-Master-DPP (IGBT) three models. The first one can be used in the steel industry, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, pipeline construction, power industry. The second type of welder can be used in fine industries, while the third model welder can be applied in industrial use and robot supporting. In general, it can achieve manual metal arc (MMA), tungsten inert gas (TIG), and metal insert gas (MIG) welding, etc.

This series of inverter welder all adopts fully digital DSP control technology and is suitable for welding under the current below 300A. For the HYL-Master-DP (IGBT) and HYL-Master-DPP (IGBT) welders, they enjoy lots of similarities. For example, they take advantage of three-proofing technology to make our product free from being affected by dust, moisture and corrosion. In addition, they are flexible to use, as they can realize 50 meters extension for welding cable and adapt to a wide range of grid fluctuation. Besides, both of them are built with 100 sets of data base system and can achieve online programming and software update.

Huayilong Electric is a specialized inverter welder manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including SAW/MMA inverter welder, TIG400/400P TIG welder, and air plasma cutter, among others.

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