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  • MIG-500P MIG Inverter WelderDue to the synergic adjusting function, it can coordinate well with various types of automatic welders.
    This welding machine has as many as 10 sets of customized parameters for easy setting. With the digital control panel and user-friendly interface, the machine is easy to operate. In addition, it also comes with stable arc welding, low welding spatter, high weld quality, and other advantages.
  • PM-500TP MIG/TIG Welder for Carbon SteelIt allows integrative adjustment and a wide range of adjustment on current and voltage adjustment.
    Elimination of globular droplet while stopping arc facilitates the high success rate of initiating new arc.

Our 740 series inverter welder consists of MIG-350PT/500PT (IGBT) and MIG-500P (IGBT) two kinds of products. The welder uses advanced IGBT inverter technology which reduces the size of the main transformer and reactor, thus reducing the size and weight of the power machine. In addition, IGBT and the main control circuit are isolated from duct, so as to prevent rain and dust.

The inverter welder with DSP control can achieve one droplet per pulse transfer and synergic adjustment. Due to the built-in database, it can realize parameter storage and call. Using the flux-cored welding wire, the welder is also applicable to stainless steel pulse welding and non-splash medium steel plate welding. Additionally, it is suitable for big current welding. Moreover, the welding cable can be extended up to 50 meters, while the grid voltage fluctuation and arc length also come with a wide range. With the performance of anti-dust, anti-damp and anti-corrosion, it can be used in shipbuilding industry. Equipped with the LED screen display, this welding machine can be commonly found in other heavy industries.

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