PM-500TP MIG/TIG Welder for Carbon Steel

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PM-500TP MIG/TIG Welder for Carbon Steel


Technical Characteristics
1. Controlled by DSP full digital inverter, this PM-500TP MIG or TIG welder for steel is capable of storing 10 groups of welding parameters.
2. It allows integrative adjustment and a wide range of adjustment on current and voltage adjustment.
3. Elimination of globular droplet while stopping arc facilitates the high success rate of initiating new arc.
4. Our product gets the work piece processed with beautiful formed weld.
5. It is the optimal choice for welding steel formwork in construction industry.

Product Usage
This MIG or TIG welder for steel is commonly used in heavy industry, auto industry and precision industry, involved in the manufacture of machinery, vehicle, ship, construction machines, etc.

Working Situations
Welding mode: Pulse MIG
Welding position: Fillet weld
Welding materials: Common steel, alloy steel
Display mode: Digital tube
Current: 150A

Technical Parameters
Model PM-500 TP
Code HDSP025
Input power voltage (V, Hz, P) 380, 50/60, 3
Current adjustment range (A) 50~500
Arc length range (V) -50~50
Duty cycle (%) 60
Applicable diameter of welding wire (mm) 1.0/1.2/1.6
Power factor (COSФ) 0.93
Efficiency (%) 85
Insulation class H
Net weight (kg) 38.4
Dimension (mm) 750×500×830
Ingress protection IP21S
Cooling mode Air cooling
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