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  • MIG-315/400/500 MMA/MIG Inverter WelderThe MIG-315/400/500 MMA/MIG inverter welder is applicable to over 2.5mm medium and thick carbon steel plate welding. With an inverter frequency of 20 KHz, it is also suitable for big current welding. The machine adopts digital signal processor (DSP) control technology to achieve manual metal arc (MMA) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding function, which can be updated to single or double pulse MIG welding function.
  • MIG-500PT MMA/MIG Inverter WelderOur MIG-500PT MMA/MIG inverter welder with the functions of MMA, MIG and Pulse MIG is perfect for welding sheet metal of carbon steel. It can also be used to weld low alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel and other steel materials. It adopts LCD screen display and waveform control, ensuring high stability and low splash during omni-direction welding. With synergic adjustment, it can match with a variety of fully automatic welding machine.
  • MIG-500DP MMA/MIG/TIG Inverter WelderOur MIG-500DP MMA/MIG/TIG inverter welder is perfect for welding carbon steel sheet with the thickness over 2.0mm.This fully digital welder adopts IGBT module and DSP control to achieve multiple functions. The available LCD display shows the operation parameters of the machine.

Our 730 series inverter welder is a high performance carbon steel welding machine. It includes MIG-315/400/500 (IGBT), MIG-500PT (IGBT) and MIG-500DP (IGBT) three types of industrial inverter welder. It utilizes insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter technology, so as to not only improve the reliability of the welder, but also ensure stable welding process, good formability, and high adaptability to a wider range of current and voltage. In addition, the product uses digital circuit which is not sensitive to changes in component parameters, providing high consistency during operation.

Huayilong Electric is an experienced multifunction inverter welder manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including TIG welding machine, MMA welding machine, MIG welding machine, and more.

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