Inverter Welding Machine Manufacturer

Our company mainly produces inverter welding & cutting equipment and is devoted to the R & D and popularization of digital welding & cutting. Our products include a MIG welding series, ARC welding series, TIG welding series, Plasma cutting series, SAW series and so on, totaling 26 lines of more than 200 models. Our products are widely applied in industrial and civil use such as automobile manufacturing, ship-building, steel bar structure building, etc. Since our establishment, we have adhered to: the tenet of endless innovation; being precise, pragmatic, faithful, and innovative; creating leading products for the world; and the establishment of an advanced quality assurance system. Our company completely applies the ISO9001 quality control system, and all of our products are CCC, CE, CSA, and EMC certified. We have our own Import and Export license, and we export our products to Asia, Europe, Australia, America, Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and more. In addition, we established our own logistics and after-sale service centers national wide in order to provide our customers with quick and effective service and technical support. We welcome new customers to join with us in creating a glorious future together!
  • MIG-500DP MMA/MIG/TIG Inverter Welder
  • MIG-500DP MMA/MIG/TIG Inverter WelderOur MIG-500DP MMA/MIG/TIG inverter welder is perfect for welding carbon steel sheet with the thickness over 2.0mm.This fully digital welder adopts IGBT module and DSP control to achieve multiple functions. The available LCD display shows the operation parameters of the machine.
  • MIG-500P MIG Inverter Welder
  • MIG-500P MIG Inverter WelderDue to the synergic adjusting function, it can coordinate well with various types of automatic welders.
    This welding machine has as many as 10 sets of customized parameters for easy setting. With the digital control panel and user-friendly interface, the machine is easy to operate. In addition, it also comes with stable arc welding, low welding spatter...
  • HYL-Master-DPP MMA/TIG/MIG Inverter Welder
  • HYL-Master-DPP MMA/TIG/MIG Inverter WelderOur HYL-Master-DPP MMA/TIG/MIG inverter welder is perfect for over 1.2mm sheet plate welding. It has easy access to connection with robot and net work control. In addition, it is provided with the LED screen display for easy reading of the parameters.
  • Super-500DPP MMA/TIG/MIG Inverter Welder
  • Super-500DPP MMA/TIG/MIG Inverter WelderOur Super-500DPP IGBT welding machine with the functions of MMA, TIG, Pulse TIG, MIG, Pulse MIG, Double Pulse MIG is suitable for welding over 0.8mm sheet plate under the welding current of 300A. This fully digital and multi-functional welder is available with the dot matrix display, and can realize connection and communication with robot as well as network group control.
  • TIG-200P/250P Digital Welder
  • TIG-200P/250P Digital WelderThe TIG-200P/250P digital welder is applicable to stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and other materials. It is available with the single knob and touch control panel, so that all kinds of welding parameters can be adjusted accurately and conveniently. In addition, the data can be automatically saved and recalled. The newly designed plastic panel enjoys practical use and elegant appearance.
  • ARC-250A/400A MMA Welder
  • ARC-250A/400A MMA WelderThis small, light and portable welding machine has high cost performance and high adaptability to voltage fluctuation.
    With a high duty cycle of 60%, it can weld continuously.
    The internal structure is designed with the protection of dust, damp and corrosion, making the machine still has high reliability under harsh environment.
  • AMIG/MMA-160/200/250 MIG Welder
  • MIG/MMA-160/200/250 MIG Welder Our IGBT MIG/MMA welder can be used in low carbon steel, high-strength steel and other materials welding. When under-voltage and over-current occur, the machine will not be damaged because of the built-in protection devices. Also, the internal circuit and components are well protected due to the EMC, electric network filtering, and other functions. Hence, the machine enjoys the advantage of safety and durability.
  • MIG/MMA-200Y/250Y/315Y MIG Welder
  • MIG/MMA-200Y/250Y/315Y MIG WelderOur IGBT MIG/MMA welder is applicable to solid and flux-cored wire, low carbon steel, high tensile steel, and ordinary steel. This welder enjoys outstanding reliability. For example, the anti-dust, anti-moisture and anti-corrosion protection increases the working reliability. In addition, the split-type wire feeder provides low breakdown rate. What's more, the anti-short circuit function of control cable ensures normal welding all the time.